Welcome to the Capstone Leadership Institute, a value-added education platform built to empower and prepare the future leaders of Supply Chain. 
This comprehensive program has been designed to expand the knowledge of current and future leaders for the advancement of quality healthcare. For a complete overview of courses and lectures, please visit the Syllabus page. 
The following pre-requisites must be met to qualify for the Capstone Leadership Intitute:
1. All applicants must complete the following Modules on the Capstone Learning Academy to qualify for the Capstone Leadership Institute.
  • Group Purchasing Organization
  • US Healthcare Market 101
  • Purchasing 201
  • Supply Chain 201
  • Inventory 301
  • Inventory 401
  • Reimbursement 101
  • Value Analysis 101
  • Understanding Sourcing for Capital Equipment
  • Purchased Services 101
2. Education & Experience
  • Bachelor's Degree or Higher: must have 1 year Supply Chain Experience
  • Associates Degree: must have 2-3 years of Supply Chain Experience
  • No College: must have 5+ years of Supply Chain Experience
All applications must be received by December 1st, 2020. The program will begin January 12th, 2021 and will conclude August 24, 2021 with the final project due September 10, 2021. The Class of 2021 will be honored at the Capstone Annual Forum in October.